Field campaigns in all of the areas of interest are organised synchronously with Sentinel-2A and Sentinel-3A overpasses to gather data for supporting image processing and for validating the EO-products.

The areas of interest are characterised by different trophic status and are chosen for being relevant site of the country

Lithuanian Baltic Sea coast

The coastal waters of the Baltic Sea – eutrophic, cyanobacteria blooms.

Curonian Lagoon

Curonian Lagoon – the largest European lagoon – hypereutrophic, productive, cyanobacteria blooms.

Surface area – 1584 km²

Avg. depth – 3,8 m.

Lake Plateliai


Lake Plateliai is 9th biggest lake in Lithuania.

Coordinates       56°2′50″N 21°51′23″E

Surface area       12 km2 (4.6 sq mi)

Max. depth         47 m (154 ft)

Dusia, Metelys, Obelija



Coordinates: 54°17′51″N 23°41′43″E

Surface area: 23.17 km2

Max. depth: 32.4 m



Coordinates: 54°17′51″N 23°46′18″E

Surface area: 12.92 km²

Max. depth: 15 m 


Coordinates: 54°28′26″N 23°84′15″E 

Surface area: 5,734 km²

Max. depth:  7,6 m

Kaunas Reservoir


Kaunas Reservoir (Lithuanian: Kauno marios) is the largest Lithuanian artificial lake, created in 1959 by damming the Nemunas River near Kaunas and Rumšiškės.The reservoir supports the operations of the Kaunas Hydroelectric Power Plant.

Coordinates       54°51′10″N 24°10′02″E

Max. width         3.3 km

Surface area       63.5 km2

Max. depth         22 m 

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